Boutique hotel in Almería: Clayton Morley and Casona Granado, populating and developing

Written by Iñigo Pedrueza Charming accommodations, much more than a place to sleep. One of the specialties of El Giróscopo Viajero is that of charming accommodations. Charme accommodation, which is better in French, hotels or rural houses, boutique hotels, rural houses, quality Bed and breakfasts, the names are multiple. Beyond the names, these places always have […]

Discovering EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil) in Jaén and Almería

Written by Iñigo Pedrueza Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oils from Jaén, at the Nobleza del Sur oil mill. © Iñigo Pedrueza. Olive oil is something intrinsically linked to Spanish and Mediterranean gastronomy. There is always talk of this liquid, reminiscent of gold, which summarizes and oozes the best of the wild nature where the olive tree grows. Many countries […]

Discovering another Almería. The cuisine of the Alpujarra with Gastroconciencia.

Written by María Calvo Unhurried trips, stopping at places just to discover and enjoy, are conducive to moments like the one we live in the Alpujarra of Almeria. When the summer heat still warms up the days in Andalusia, despite being in late September, we travel the inland lands of Almería, far from the beauty of Cabo de […]