Horse Riding

Horse Riding

The “Valley of the Owl” route on horseback runs through the Tabernas Desert to enjoy this exceptional landscape. A route on horseback of 1.30h. duration that you should not miss if you come to Almería. Landscape, nature, cinema and history…. You will step on the boulevards where the Indians and cowboys, Indiana Jones or the Dothrakis rode, where the famous Battle of Guettar (Patton 1969) was filmed and also the battle of the Egyptians against the Hittites (Exodus 2014) among many other titles that used this backdrop. unique background.

Our routes are guided with certified monitors and comply with all security measures.

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If you are a horse fan, you want to come on vacation with your four-legged companion, we will prepare tailor-made routes for you, contact us . We offer you several options both for the Tabernas desert and for the coast of Almería or the interior.