Route that begins in the wonderful village of El Pilar de Lubrin in the direction of the Campo until its crossroads, once there we will turn left towards Sorbas, where we will find a quite pleasant route up and down until we reach the Sorbas road.


Leaving the village of Pilar in the direction of Campo and then continue to the right up the mountain until you reach Monteagud. The route is moderate until reaching the last slope, which is quite difficult where in some sections the bike makes traction.


It is a very leg-breaking route with many long slopes that do not go below 8%, leaving from El Pilar in the direction of El Chive where we take a stony path to Bedar through its Sierra 🗻, once in Bedar we will take a detour to the left with direction El Jauro, along its rivers and boulevards that we leave in Lubrin and then go up its gorge by road until we reach El Pilar.


Departure from Plaza de la Constitución in Lubrín neutralized to La Alameda. From here on a free section going down to the boulevard towards La Tejica.