Albar Customer’s Club

Albar Customers' Club is delighted to announce that the village of El Pilar is back on the map!

This small village with an enduring tradition is once again a haven for travellers.  Nowadays those travellers include writers, artists, poets, thinkers, community leaders, entrepreneurs, walkers, cyclists, geographers, nature lovers, and creative people of all kinds who seek a place to share inspiration and camaraderie.  The Club, a loose association of like-minded people, is hosted by Albar in the resuscitated landmark building which houses Albar’s restaurant, casona, gallery, and entertainment and events venue.

Albar offers a variety of dining and entertainment spaces, all both welcoming and sophisticated.  The bar offers classic cocktails and fashionable spirits.  The restaurant offers our renowned classic Spanish cuisine with a modern touch for both lunch and dinner, while the gallery makes the perfect hangout and hub for cultural events. And if you find that you have become relaxed enough, you can stay over in one of our beautiful and gloriously comfortable campo style rooms.

The Club will offer food, rooms, and events from Thursday through Sunday, as well as various especially scheduled events on other days.  A curated programme of events, from controversial debate to hands-on learning programmes, will provide a steady flow of inspiration to members and guests, and will encourage continued participation.

Free membership includes email announcements of all events.  Even more importantly, as our events can often be sold out, you will be given first option for tickets or participation in all happenings at Albar.

Albar Customers’ Club members will also be entitled to special offers, which will vary from time to time, but which we will keep you up to date with via our occasional email newsletters.

To join, simply leave your name and email address here.