One of the most memorable and joyous occasions of your life can be fully realised at Casona Granado.

In its stunning location and with its stylish rooms, outdoor spaces and superb food, we offer a unique and romantic venue for hosting your wedding.

We also provide, if you wish, personal wedding planning facilities so that everything can be organised and handled for you by highly experienced professionals.

We can take care of your transportation needs, rooms, food, cake, flowers, decoration, music, entertainment, spectacle, ceremony, and outings! And the scope for variation within each of these areas is vast—we cater for a great range of tastes and preferences.

We recognise that every wedding is unique and we can help tailor the entire event to accord with your budget.

While the weather is one element that is out of our control, the region falls within a temperate zone, and benefits from an average of 320 annual days of sunshine, so the odds are good that you will enjoy clear blue skies on your wedding day.


We are currently accepting bookings for weddings in 2018/19.

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